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We have three main layouts which we run on. Using the image above as a reference, the left side is our HO scale DCC layout. The center is our DC HO layout with HOn3 intermixed. The right side is our DC HO layout.

While the track in the entire area is all connected so that it could run a train continuously through all three layouts, we have divided it for the sake of ease of operation.
NOTE: These pages contain a lot of pictures. If you are on a dial-up connection, it may take a while for the pages to load completely.

DC HO Layout

DC HO & HOn3 Layout

DC HOn3 Layout

DCC HO Layout

DCC HO Layout

The DCC layout features a large train yard, a huge round house, and a rotating bridge! There are two mainlines on the DCC layout. Currently the DCC layout is best described as an "Out and Back" layout. However, converting the DCC layout to a continuous loop is in the preliminary planning stages. Much of the DCC layout is still under construction.

Here we have the large roundhouse stocked with steam locomotives. The turntable was provided by Eric L. from his previous layout. He is an ex- NMRA superintendant. At present the roundhouse is not operational, although there are plans to make it operational.

Going on down the line we come across a small town leading up to a bridge.

Going through this bridge underpass will take you to the "other room"!

Oops! That had to hurt...

Here is the rotating bridge, complete with lighting. The bridge was installed by Jack S.

The bridge is controlled by switches, and automatically stops when it gets to it's open and closed points. The bridge itself actually does work pretty well!

And the final town in the DCC layout, complete with laundry hung out to dry.

The most recent major addition to the DCC layout - a second loop! Now DCC trains can run in a continuous loop all along the DCC side.