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We have three main layouts which we run on. Using the image above as a reference, the left side is our HO scale DCC layout. The center is our DC HO layout with HOn3 intermixed. The right side is our DC HO layout.

While the track in the entire area is all connected so that it could run a train continuously through all three layouts, we have divided it for the sake of ease of operation.
NOTE: These pages contain a lot of pictures. If you are on a dial-up connection, it may take a while for the pages to load completely.

DC HO Layout

DC HO & HOn3 Layout

DC HOn3 Layout

DCC HO Layout

DC HO and HOn3 Layout

The mixed HO & HOn3 layout is an old west era railroad. From small mining towns to passenger stations. The HO part also entails a the Cole Brothers Circus!

This mixed layout is a continuous loop layout featuring two independantly controlled HO mainlines, and an independantly controlled HOn3 mainline. A second HOn3 mainline is currently under construction. We'll start our tour of this layout with the circus.

Just past the circus is the quarry mine. Pictured here is a coal yard for local coal distribution.

The quarry mine where granite slabs are cut and shipped.

After that is the mixed HO and HOn3 train yard. On the right side of the picture are the HOn3 rails, and on the left side are the HO rails.

The engine yard has been updated.

In this picture, we see mixed track. These tracks can accomodate both HO and HOn3 trains. Tracks such as these existed in many colorado towns and cities where the standard gauge and narrow gauge railroads met. These included Alimosa, Salida, Antinito, and even Colorado Springs! This was back in the 1890s.

Here we have the Durango station which can be found today in Durango Colorado. It is here that the D&RG runs narrow gauge train service up to the town of Silverton, Colorado.

The narrow gauge crosses over the top of the standard gauge in this scene.

The overpass in this scene is where the narrow gauge goes.

Here the railroad trestle is for narrow gauge trains. The top tier of the narrow gauge layout is currently under construction. The trains are able to go from the bottom tier to the top tier by way of a long spiraling track at either end of the layout. The trestle was scratch built by Jerry B.

Here is another view of the narrow gauge bridge. On the left side of the picture you can see the structure of the spiral railroad which carries the narrow gauge trains up and down. The trestle in the background of this picture was built by John C. The foreground trestle is the same one shown in the picture above this, built by Jerry B.

Much work has gone into the bridge, and it is now functional!

The Silver Spur Mine is not currently connected to any of the mainlines. Right now it is just another really nice scene.

From here on it's all HOn3 gauge. The standard HO gauge railroad goes underneath the bench before this scene, and re-emerges at the Cole Brothers Circus. The rails pictured here are what remains of the HOn3 layout from when the club was located at Boulder Crescent. The club moved to it's current location, and this scene is pretty much the only layout salvaged from the previous location.

Notice the amazing detail and weathering with these old west cars!

A rotary snowplow locomotive. These were great for clearing the track of snow too deep for standard snowplows to clear. They aren't seen much these days due to their high expense in both operation and maintenance. These are the weapon of last resort when fixed blade snowplows won't work. The snowplow pictured here is a steam powered rotary snowplow.

An old sawmill with the saw undergoing maintenance.