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We have three main layouts which we run on. Using the image above as a reference, the left side is our HO scale DCC layout. The center is our DC HO layout with HOn3 intermixed. The right side is our DC HO layout.

While the track in the entire area is all connected so that it could run a train continuously through all three layouts, we have divided it for the sake of ease of operation.
NOTE: These pages contain a lot of pictures. If you are on a dial-up connection, it may take a while for the pages to load completely.

DC HO Layout

DC HO & HOn3 Layout

DC HOn3 Layout

DCC HO Layout

DC Layout (left side)

The left DC layout features two independantly controlled DC mainlines which form a continuous loop around the layout. Each mainline is approximately XX scale miles, or XXXX feet in length. The layout is set in the ?modern? era and has a mix of mountains, towns, and rail yards.

The Mountain

All the trees on this mountain were put in by an 11 year old girl who came down to the club with her brother. It features a tunnel which branches into two sections. The mainlines go through these tunnels, and branches into a coal mining yard.

the mine with no name.

This bridge was scratch built and installed by Jim V.

The X junction merging the mainlines if need be.

Don P's Rio Grande Key Imports model of a C-48 2-8-0 Locomotive making a speedy run through the mountain. The Engine is #1151, and was the last standard gauge steam locomotive to run on the Rio Grande. December 26, 1956 was the date of it's last run.


Barclay is a small town with lots of activity. Coming from the mountain into Barclay is an operational railroad corssing with working wigwag lights.

Barclay can be a rough town. Bodies line the streets as people walk by seeming not to care.

But Barclay is not completely without law. Here, officers Dowe and Nutt are busting Chris P. Careme for the crime of confection scalping.

Just down from Barclay is the passenger station.

The passenger train station

To the left of this picture is the power plant.

The Canyons

After the town of Barclay the railroad meanders through a second set of canyons and mountains.

The railroad crosses over the lower section of track (not visible in this picture). In the background left is Tracon Bluff constructed by Dan White.

A wider shot of the area showing how the mainlines cross over. In the background is Tracon Bluff in an earlier stage of construction.

Further along the canyons. Notice the railfans in the bottom of this scene taking pictures of the train going by.

Rock climbers. A horrible accident befell the climber on the bottom when he unexpectedly discovered that the rope he was rapelling on was just a little too short...

A river runs through the canyon.

Tyler Yard

Tyler Yard consists of a locomotive shop, a rail car shop, an oil refinery, and a grain elevator. This forms the final part of this DC layout as the two mainlines loop around the yard to continue their journey back through the canyon.

The Locomotive Shop (above and below)

The Red River Valley Co-Op grain elevator. (above and below)

This is the interchange between the DC layout and the DC/HOn3 layout. If need be, trains can be run between the two layouts by use of this junction.

The Ruxton Car Shop.