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Center Aisle

Upper Deck; Narrow Gauge

East Wall


West Wall

The "West Wall" Describes the pair of mainlines that house our staging yard and run along the west side of the club. This layout is roughly shaped like a P, with the back half of the west loop going all the way to the east wall before coming back. This side of the layout is notable for having the most verticle outside of narrow gauge on the layout, with the tracks climbing 2.5% grades regaurdless of direction traveled.

A peak into the staging yard under Sousa City. The yard contains 3 run through and 4 stub ended staging tracks. Normally during open houses, this is covered with masonite panels.

A D&RGW Ten wheeler rolls out of the staging yard and into the "town" of Salida. Salida features a switching tower and crossover between the mainlines. It is planned to recieve a concrete slab for a platform at some point.

A long shot of the curved bridges, Salida, and the Moria Mine. if you look in the bottom of the shot, you can see the mine interior that is placed under the layout.

Different angle of the curved bridges.

A view of the Moria Mining company above Salida. The mine is accessed by trackage that splits from the main near Sousa City, just outside the long tunnel.

A long shot of Sousa City.

An even longer shot, shows off the length of Sousa City and the staging yard under it. In this picture, members of the Colorado and Southern Society run trains with smart phones and tablets during a visit.

A Santa Fe Mikado prepares to depart Sousa City with some coal gons in tow. The green thing is used to load sugar beets into cars. The highway overpass was scratchbuilt by Adam L, now a conductor for CP.

The large brick building on the South end of Sousa City is precision electronics. Here a Santa Fe 2-10-2 rolls out of town past it.

Below Precision Electronics on the lower deck is Terra Chemical. The tracks in this shot are the south end of the staging yard.

On the upper deck above Terra Chemical, the tracks hug the back wall and pass Ernies Garage before turning to cross the lower trackage.

A Union Pacific executive train rolls through Thomson Canyon headed South. The mainlines up top are slightly climbing upgrade, while the trackage at the bottom of the canyon is slightly downhill.

High Bridge was scratchbuilt by Dusty T in 2010, its a great place to take photos as the bluffs around it are great for lighting and photo edging.

High Bridge with a D&RGW ten wheeler rolling across.

A Fairbanks Morse road switch crosses High Bridge going the other way.

Santa Fe 2-10-2 #3890 crosses the high bridge from yet a different angle.

Meanwhile in the bottom of the canyon, UP 4-12-2 #9083 is powering out of the dip and back up the hill.

Now at summit, #9083 is passed by a D&RGW passenger train. About the center of the 4-12-2 is where the slight upgrade ends and the trackage starts downhill.

Long shot of how all this comes together.

A C&S SD7 powers uphill with a manifest in tow. This is roughly a 2.5% grade uphill here.

A pair of Baldwin diesels roll downhill. That cabin on the hill is great for railfanning.

another long shot of the canyon, as a Mikado rolls through with a string of empty gondolas.

The tracks come back to the same level in Hruban Junction. The upper tracks descend down past Taylor yard in the back, while the lower tracks turn left and go towards the east wall.

A photo taken a while back of the track rebuilding in Hruban Junction.

A look at the trackage in Hruban Junction after it was installed.

Hruban Junction is home to both the interchange with the other aisles, and a massive grain elevator complex. In this picture, the trackage on the left is the center aisle loops. the trackage in the back that loops around (behind the wye) is the East wall.

A look down Taylor Yard in the back of the club. this is our 2nd biggest yard.

The engine facility at Hruban Junction.