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West Wall

Center Aisle

East Wall


Upper Level Narrow Gauge

The upper level narrow gauge consists of a loop with two passing sidings, Carbondale on the east side, Juanita on the West side. At both ends of the upper deck are helixes that take the trains back down to the lower level and dual gauge trackage. the south end only has one switch that only goes in one direction, due to limited space at Devils Gate. The North end has a wye known as Forks Creek that leads to Hall siding and Rock Ridge before the helix to the lower deck. The railroad is mostly flat, however there are two 4% grades leading to and from Devils Gate that keep engineers on their toes.

A train of yellow "Silverton" coaches rolls out of the wye tail at Forks creek.

The front of the Silverton train with K-28 #478 on point.

C-19 #345 rolls over high bridge with a train of oil in tow.

A long shot of the trestles at Devils Gate. the closest bridge was scratchbuilt by Jerry B, and the far bridge was built by John C.

#478 rolling through the cut between Hall siding and Rock Ridge.

A minor derailment at Forks Creek.

A freight train rolls past the stamp mill on the south end of the upper level. Thats about a 4% grade there.

C-16 #268 at the top of the grade at Juanita.

C&S #17 at Rock Ridge before the scenery was finished.

C-19 #346 at Forks Creek with a general freight in tow.

K-27 #455 passes #346 at Forks Creek, #455 is a blackstone model with TCS WOWsound installed.

C-19 #346 is a common sight on the narrow gauge at the Pikemasters. Here it is rolling over high bridge at Devils Gate with a short passenger consist in tow.

#455 starts down the 4% grade towards Devils Gate with a second section to #346's train from above.

#455 arrives in Juanita just in time to see #346 already on its way out of town with yet another train.

K-27 #464 at Juanita with a freight in tow.

K-36 #482 rolls out of Forks Creek heading towards Carbondale.

This section of the helix was never sceniced because of the sharp drop off. Now Rock Ridge resides here. A fitting name for the town on the cliff.

A long train trails behind a K-37 over high bridge.

Not exactly on the narrow gauge, but the photo fits. #346 took a trip around the layout on a standard gauge flat. Seen here in Sousa City on the West wall. I think it got misrouted, as it's at the farmers distribution center.

K-27 #455 takes on water at No Agua. Ironic name, but it was a real water stop on the grande!