Our Layout is roughly 20 feet by 90 feet. It is roughly shaped in the form of a large E, with 3 penninsulas running down from the back of the room. These would be the East wall, center aisle, and West Wall. The East Wall is currently all DCC with a dogbone shaped mainline. The Center is reffered to as the "racetrack" and consists of a double track mainline that forms a large oval, the center is also home to the clubs narrow gauge which occupies two decks in the center aisle. The West wall is also double track but crosses over itself several times and even makes a quick jaunt over to the east side of the club as it loops around. The Center and West wall can be toggled from older DC analog control to DCC control.
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West Wall

Center Aisle

Center Aisle Upper Deck Narrow Gauge

East Wall

Historic Photos

2016 Renovations

Some videos taken at the club throughout the years, some videos have music, some have dubbed train sounds, some are just vanilla model sounds. Enjoy!